1. Write it out for only you will read it.
  2. Shout it out where only you will hear it.
  3. Talk it out with a friend, therapist or support group.
  4. Take responsibility for your part in the break up, if any.
  5. Identify what triggers your anger.
  6. Think before you respond.
  7. Keep children out of any conflicts.
  8. Take the each problem out to its maximum effect - it probably will not be that bad.
  9. Choose your battles carefully - let small stuff go.
  10. Express feelings rather than tossing out accusations.
  11. Acknowledge your sadness - allow yourself to grieve. 
  12.  Forgive, let go-let god, move on.
  13. Defuse anger by listening.
  14.  Identify where you can help.
  15. Walk away or end the call if you are not able to handle what is being said.
  16.  Establish limits of what you will take and how you will be treated.
  17. Heal yourself.

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