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There is no charge to ask Mr. Radoff about his services.

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Franklin3.jpg (60624 bytes)Hello!  I'm just a phone call away to help you.  I have handled over 1000 divorce matters and will assist you with your Divorce, Custody, Child  Support, Modification of an Existing Order, Paternity or any other Family Law matter.  For more information more information on Mr Radoff, click here.

I charge only $39.95 for telephone advice (no time limit to talk) charged to your credit or bankcard, so please have it ready when you call. 

You will guided you through the process with instructional and informative assistance you need to protect your assets. I will also provide you with suggestions on how to reduce your attorney fees and costs and make the situation as pain free as possible.

I also offer second opinions if you have problems communicating with your existing attorney or you want to double check his or her advice.

Free Divorce Advice:

We'll Pre-Screen Your Divorce Attorney
We charge $150 to pre-screen an attorney to meet your personal and financial needs. Have questions?  Just give us a call!  818-705-1403 or 800-595-2948

Deadbeat Parent Services
If you have a court order for child or spousal support we will go after that deadbeat parent anywhere worldwide and attempt to recover monies owed to you. Just call and ask about our deadbeat parent services. Most matters handled on a 100% contingency except for costs.

Paternity Testing
We offer DNA paternity testing statewide.  Just call:  1-800-595-2948 to arrange for your blood test.


If you do not want to handle the matter yourself, Mr. Radoff will represent you in your family law matter in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Orange, San Diego, and Riverside Counties. If you wish an in office or phone consultation please call (800) 595-2948  

Order Your "Divorce Check List" now! just $9.95 online, faxed or mailed.  Secure online processing.

  • You will no longer wonder what your spouse knows that you don't!

  • The divorce checklist is  designed to help YOU take CONTROL of your divorce case.

Child/Spousal Support How Much Do I Have To Pay? How Much Will I Receive?

Get immediate answers. Dissomaster®: $99 with Legal Advice, $75.00 w/o legal advice.

Want To Represent Yourself in Your Divorce Proceedings?

District Attorney Problems?
Is the District Attorney's Office garnishing your wages? Click here to find out how we can help you.

Low-Cost Document Preparation

The Marital Settlement/Agreement Checklist

Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA). It contains all of the terms and conditions the parties have agreed to end the marital relationship.  $9.95 PDF Download.

Legal Document Review
Need a professional review of documents you already have? Mr. Radoff will review your legal documents. Starting at $150.00 [Click here]


Phone: (800) 595 2948 
Offices in Ventura and Woodland Hills, CA    

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